samedi 29 décembre 2012

construction du crane

debut du crane

vision inclinable

web cams

ok le cou est trop grand a reduire


dimanche 9 décembre 2012



 hello i am ambroise french and since a long time i want  to build a robot bipede
my passion is robotic and i love robot
but i would like to have a robot at home bipede for help me in my everyday life.
i think in 10 years some family will have robots to help  older people 
for now bipede robots are very expensive  
so that 's  why i start to build my own  robot

first hand paper

my first hand with cardboard corn flakes

project arm for teste

teste mechanic

my first hand robot paper

1st hand

2nd hand

3nd hand

my best hand

my last hand with mecanic

hand robot mecanique

legs project robot

romeo robot echelle 1

bipede up